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PSI Ltd provide engineering plant inspections to Hull and surrounding areas. We are ready to respond to your business’s plant inspection needs with our expert services. Though we operate nationwide, Hull is an area in which our engineering surveyors are particularly active.

Established over 30 years ago, PSI’s engineering surveyors have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon in regards to the field of engineering plant inspections. We’re a family run business with the core values to match. We’ll go out of our way to provide you with a prompt and timely service. Many businesses choose PSI for their inspection needs again and again, as they are highly satisfied with the high level of service that we provide.

If you operate an engineering plant you will find that many pieces of equipment require periodic thorough inspections. These inspections are legally required with the intention of helping to keep you and your employees safe from harm. PSI are qualified to inspect and examine a wide range of engineering plants and equipment. These include:

• Lifting and handling plants.
• Local exhaust ventilation plants.
• Power press examinations.
• Proof load testing and certification.
• Pressure system examination.

Our surveyors are experts in the Governmental regulations which relate to your engineering plant. We understand exactly how COSHH, LOLER, PSSR and PUWER relate to your equipment. Undertaking your plant inspections with PSI will guarantee you a certificate of completion at the end of every inspection. You’ll also be entered into our Inspection Notification Program, which allows us to inform you of when your next plant inspection will be required.

PSI are also founding members of INITA, the Independent National Inspection and Testing Association. INITA work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), meaning that we have a direct connection with the legislative aspect of our industry, and help lead the way towards any changes.

If you are business based in Hull or its surrounding areas please contact PSI for your engineering inspection needs. We will normally be able to provide you with an instant quote.

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Sangwin have always found PSI’s work and service levels to be of a very high standard and would not hesitate in recommending PSI to others.