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Engineering plant inspections in the Coventry area are available from PSI Ltd. We are favoured by businesses who want a professional but amiable service. Established for over 30 years, PSI Ltd are leading experts in the field of thorough plant inspections. Plants and equipment that we inspect include:

• Lifting and handling plants.
• Power press examinations.
• Proof load testing and certification.
• Pressure system examination.
• Local exhaust ventilation plants.

Though we operate nationwide, we regularly provide our services to Coventry businesses, with many repeatedly returning to us for their plant inspections. PSI are a family run business, and we make sure that this is reflected in the services that we provide to clients. Friendly, timely and meticulous, a statutory engineering inspection from PSI will showcase our professionalism.

A completed inspection from PSI will see you provided with a certificate of completion. You’ll also be entered into our Inspection Notification Program, which means we’ll be able to let you know when your next statutory examination is required.

Our engineering surveyors have a detailed understanding of the Governmental regulations which underpin thorough plant inspection. COSHH, PUWER, PSSR and LOLER are laws which each apply to different engineering plants and pieces of equipment. Abiding by these regulations helps keep your employees safe from the harm of malfunction.

Our position as leaders in the field of plant inspections is further illustrated by our involvement with founding and running of INITA, the Independent National Inspection and Testing Association. INITA are heavily involved with HSE (the Health and Safety Executive), and are revered to the point where we now consulted to oversee the creation of relevant regulations and legislation that directly affect the professional field of statutory plant inspections.

We can provide a fast and accurate quote to any Coventry businesses that are interested in our services. Call now to talk through your options with us.

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Sangwin have always found PSI’s work and service levels to be of a very high standard and would not hesitate in recommending PSI to others.