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Load testing is carried out to insure that a piece of lifting equipment is ready to operate safely and adequately. Properly testing your business’s lifting equipment is a legal necessity, defined under LOLER (the Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations of 1998).

Proof load testing helps to keep your employees and premises safe from any misdemeanours or malfunctions associated with lifting equipment. It measures the strength and quality of the lifting equipment’s materials and its performance. The appropriate stress is placed upon the machine to ensure that it can perform to the required standard. The proof load test will not damage your equipment, but establishes where necessary that your lifting equipment is capable of working to its intended design parameters.

Load tests must be carried out following the installation of a piece of lifting equipment, before it is put into operation. Periodic tests follow this initial inspection in order to maintain the effectiveness and safety of the equipment. A proof load test is also required following the repair of a piece of equipment and after a misdemeanour or negative incident has taken place.


We carry out professional inspections on all types of lifting equipment, including:

> Lifting accessories.
> Passenger and goods lifts.
> Fork lift trucks.
> Mobile cranes.
> Mobile elevated work platforms.
> Scissor lifts.
> Hoists.
> Winches.
> Excavators.
> Lifting tackle.
> Telehandlers.
> Cargo carrying units.

PSI Ltd can provide you with an experienced and knowledgeable engineering surveyor to carry out performance testing. Our engineers go above and beyond to provide clients with a helpful and timely service. Upon the completion of your proof load test we will supply you with a proof load certificate. Participation in our services also allows our clients to enrol into our Inspection Notification Program, so we’ll be able to inform you of when your equipment is next due for inspection.

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